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(Archived) Saved Note Indication


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I've tried searching for this topic, but didn't find this exact issue, so I apologize if I'm asking for something that's already been discussed.


Is there a visited link state indication-type of thing for Evernote notes?


Delicious used to have this, and Diigo currently has it.  If I've bookmarked a site, my Diigo bookmark icon changes from white to red.


This isn't so much a browser history as it is an indication that I've made a note associated with a web page.


It's a convenience issue, but it's a rather big issue for me (time-saver for both business and personal), so I wanted to see if this is already a feature I'm missing or if it's something I can suggest be considered.


I'm using Evernote and Evernote Clipper on a Windows 8 desktop and laptop with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera as well as an Andriod tablet with Firefox and Evernote.

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Hi - welcome to the forums. If you're clipping web pages it depends on what tool you're using - I found recently that Clearly will actually refuse to copy a page with a URL that you've already sampled (well it did for me..) and it also has the 'related pages' search which will find a duplicate of the page you're looking at.  Other tools don;t have any restrictions that I've found - though if I clip a page twice I normally find it when searching,  and delete the additional copy.  It's quicker to risk a duplicate if you're not sure - and the bandwidth overhead is usually minimal.

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Thank you for your response!


Since I already use Diigo for letting me know when I've already made a note of a page, I'll just continue doing this.


It may not seem like a big deal, but when you're visiting sometimes hundreds of pages a day for work and personal reasons, it gets time-consuming.  I was hoping Evernote would have this already so I could stick with one bookmarking and note-taking program.  Oh, well.

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