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(Archived) Synchronization fails on one computer

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I have two computers that are both connected to the same network with two separate Evernote accounts. One computer syncs correctly, the other gets a synchronization failure, cannot connect the the Evernote Server. The computer with the problem can access web pages and send and receive email. Tried rebooting. Tried logging out and logging back in. I can create a new notebook on the iPhone, sync, and see the notebook in Evernote on the web, but that computer will not allow syncing using the Evernote app. Anybody seen this problem and know what causes it and what might be a solution.


Thanks very much.

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I'd submit your support ticket request now (see below).  If you want to anticipate the advice,  try

  1. emptying the Evernote trash on your non-syncing computer
  2. checking for unsyncable notes (too big etc)
  3. backup your current database (just in case) then shut Evernote down completely and Revo uninstall your existing package - reinstall from a new download.
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Thanks. There was nothing in the trash. I tried reinstalled but it didn't change. The content syncs correctly to the Evernote server from the iPhone and can be seen on the phone and the Evernote web site. It just doesn't sync to or from the Mac.

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