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(Archived) Import Outlook notes to Evernote on Mac

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Hi tgill,


One way to export your notes easily to Evernote is to email the Notes to your Evernote email address.

To find your Evernote address:


1. Open Evernote

2. Click on your name next to the sync button

3. Click on Account Info




4. You will see an email address under "Email notes to:"  Highlight and copy that address.




Now open Outlook.


1. Use command + mouse click to highlight the notes you would like to send to your Evernote account.

2. Click the Email button. An email window will open for each Outlook note you highlighted.




3. Paste in your email address and click send.  You'll need to repeat this for each note that you would like to import.

4. Return to Evernote and press the Sync button.


And that should do it! Let me know how that works for you.

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