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Skitch not sending annotated image attachment via email


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After I have annotated an image in Skitch and want to share it with someone, I click the "share" icon (arrow) and select "email."


Although new message email window opens up (using my chosen default email client, Outlook) and I am able to compose and address a message, the annotated image doesn't appear.


The recipient receives my email message but doesn't receive an image or even a link to an image.


I am using a new MacBook Air, Mountain Lion 10.8.4.


I am using Skitch 2.6 downloaded via the Apple store (not the web).


The only way I am able to send my annotated image is to go into Evernote and share from there.

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This is a known issue that we are investigating. At the moment, all I can offer is a workaround, though. You can use the drag me feature to drag your Skitch image into the email body.



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