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(Archived) Feature Request: QR Code Tagging

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A solution for a qr code tagging function would be very cool...


So you could insert an qr-code in a document for scanning - in these codes are the subject, notebook name and the tags ... if evernote see these, it will automaticly crate the notice with subject, tag it and store it in the rihgt notebook..... 

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Not to rain on your suggestion, because I like QR codes,  but how does the subject and notebook get into a tag that I can include in a document I haven't scanned yet exactly?

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Sorry to reopen an old thread but the initial topic was exactly the same feature I am looking for. This is my use case:


I have a class of children aged 5 - 7 and want them to file their work in an eportfolio without the assistance of an adult.


I print off stickers which include:

  • a unique symbol which the child has chosen (eg a cartoon rabbit or a rocket etc)
  • a subject symbol eg some numbers for maths, a paintbrush for art, a book for language etc
  • a qr code which contains a reference to an evernote notebook for that child and a tag identifying the subject of the artefact 

When the child wants to save a piece of work to their portfolio they grab the appropriate sticker, stick it on the artefact and either photograph it or scan it.


The artefacts are then saved to the correct folder and the teacher can then apply additional tags as required in evernote. 


That's how I would want to get the notebook and tag reference into the document. 




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A QR code can contain a fair amount of information,  but there's no way that I know of to make it open Evernote to store a picture directly.  A possible workaround might be to attach the picture to an email and mail into an Evernote address with the subject line preset by the QR code to include @<notebook> and #<tags> - but you'd need to find an email client that could cope with that.  


Other options might be the SD card that has its own wifi connection to send pictures direct to Evernote or FastEver Snap - an iphone camera app that does something similar.


Don't see that Evernote can change anything to make this process easier - the capacity is there,  it's just finding a way to access it!

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