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Feature Request: Remember location of cursor in post and remember last note selected in notebook


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I'd love it if Evernote could remember where the cursor was last located in a note.  When I'm switching back and forth between notes Evernote always returns me to the top of a note when I switch back to it.  I'd prefer it if Evernote would take me back to the same place my cursor had previously been. 


Similarly, I'd like Evernote to remember which note I had been viewing when I switch back to a notebook.  It is a little time consuming to have to select the note I had been previously working on when switching between notebooks.


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I would try double clicking on a note in the note list (snippet/list/thumbnail view) and open up notes in individual Windows. That helps switching back and forth a lot

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I completely agree with the need for this feature.  I am a recent adopter of Evernote, and love the functionality except for this...


I have several notes that I work on at any given time, and constantly switch between them.  Every time I do, I need to scroll back down to where I was.  It's a small thing, but very tedious and frustrating. 

I am very surprised that this feature is not supported, nor is there a way to save bookmarks in a document. 


I did a forum search, and it looks like people have been asking for this for 3 years.  Opening multiple windows is a work around, but definitely not ideal.


Any chance of this feature getting on the list at soem point?



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A new venue that Evernote may pursue is Ebook Reading. I have hundreds of articles clippled into Evernote, and I would like to have a convenient way to read them. The most importa step in this direction would be to have Evernote remember the position where the note was closed. 

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I would also really like to see this feature added. 


I do most of my work in either evernote or scrivener. In scrivener, when you return to a note, the cursor remains in the last place you had it. In evernote, it doesn't.


Scrolling through long notes to find where you were is extremely tedious, and the way I work simply means that opening notes in separate windows doesn't really do the job... 


Please make this an option!



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