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(Archived) Find a notes source?

Jeff Brown


How can I find any given notes source? I am trying to use some of the advanced search features (source:mobile.*) but am finding that not all notes are showing. 


An example is when using that particular search, none of my note created using Genius Scan (my preference for scanning quick receipts, business cards, etc.) show in the search even though they were created using my mobile device. Seems to me since the note wasn't created in Evernote for iOS it isn't getting its source tagged as mobile. All understandable BUT, what is the source of these notes? And how can I perform the advanced search to find them better?


Is there someplace I can look inside a note to find its source?




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Do you scan to PDF? Search for that attachment type. Or look for the date or the content (receipt? menu?) but if Evernote doesn't have a source you (obviously) can't find it that way,  and even if you could search for <no source> there's presumably a lot of those...

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If you export the note as an .enml you can find the source in there. I would export a note from the iOS client and one from Genius scan and compare the ENML attributes.

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