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Undeleting Notebooks



I accidentally deleted a notebook today that was synced with my Evernote account and I quickly logged into Evernote and emailed it to myself but how do I UNdelete it from Pentultimate? There is no "undo" and unfortunately, with the new naming conventions, I end up with several notebooks that default to the same name and it's sometimes difficult to differentiate between them.

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Hi, today I delet 3 Notebooks in Penultimate. Some notes I try to move in new Notebook but when I create now Notebook I can not find it (it is not on displey) and I notice one of the older Notebook I can not find too (I did not delete it). If I try to create new Notebook with the same name it was written to me that Notebook with that name still exist. But I can not find where?

Please help. Thanx


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