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(Archived) What's wrong with these tags n query?


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I'm facing a problem in search my article in EN and dont know why it happened.

I have 2 article as in screenclip1.jpg. They're tagged as !ppl-m-n0-mid and !ppl-m-3-mid.


Then I did find: tag:!ppl*, EN returned to me 2 results. This is awesome! However, the strange thing happened when I find: tag:!ppl*m . I expected EN will show 2 results, just bcoz the tag are !ppl-m-.... But EN only returned the one tagged !ppl-m-n0-mid (screenclip2). So why?


After that, I found tag:!ppl*-m. At this time, EN returned the 2nd article which is tagged as !ppl-m-3-mid.


Well, is this a bug in EN? Or just bcoz of my tags? I wanna try this before I putting all my big library in EN. :(




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