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Attach .txt file to Note (as a file)


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In Windows desktop app, if I attach a   .txt   file to a Note via the Paperclip icon, OR if I drag the file onto the Note   the contents of the .txt file show up within the Note rather than being attached as a file. I am able to actually attach other types of files to Notes. What am I doing wrong?


Newbie: Couldn't find this in forum via search so new thread.

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Hi - that's the way text files work.  Other files that need more sophisticated decoding - usually by the app that created them,  or something very compatible - show up as an icon.  JPG and PNG files show as pictures,  text files show as text.


If you prefer to have a file show as an attached icon you can change the filename (to XXT ?),  change the format (to RTF forinstance) or zip it - which is essentially another way to change format.

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Actually, if you hold shift when you drag a text file into Evernote, it will attach, rather than read the contents.


Starting with rev 123659 if you hold down Shift key while dropping a file on EN4 or executing Attach File command the resulting attachment will not be expanded inline, i.e. pdf's will look like all other attachments and .txt/.enex files will be attached instead of being imported. For backward compatibility reasons this does not work for embedded .jpg/.png files by default, so if you want this to work for images, set HKCU\Software\Evernote\Evernote\StrictAttachments to 1.


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Thx to both ... spgSCOTT  that is great and will give me more flexibility on how a file gets "connected" to a Note; and the content from the Thread you site gives even more control over the behavior. Much thanks ...

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