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(Archived) Skitch unable to redirect into different Evernote Folder, or to Tag


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I'm really frustrated that the Skitch images I capture have to be retrieved out of the Skitch folder in Evernote, and then transferred into the folder of my choosing. The inability to be able to tag them within the Skitch application such that they transfer when uploaded to Evernote is a nuisance. In essence, as we know from the first time Skitch became part of Evernote, the integration has been far from perfect. 

Lastly, to not be able to add text to an image taken in Skitch within the Evernote application, and to be redirected to opening the document back in Skitch is a damn nuisance. 

I'm not sure if Evernote monitor this forum, but Skitch integration, target folder functionality, and tagging, would be great features I really want. 

If I have overlooked anything, please let me know, someone. 



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@casam268 - Skitch saves to the Skitch Notebook by design. You can change which Notebook you are saving in the preferences, but Skitch will only save to one Notebook at a time. Our philosophy is Skitch should have the ability to do what it does best, which is communicate about what's important be that in an image or PDF. Evernote is best suited for the long-term management of notes.


As for your other feedback (integration between Evernote and Skitch) we have some projects underway which will help improve that experience. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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