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(Archived) Document formats on iPod Touch with Premium Account

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Evernote will allow you to access any file (under 25MB), but this will only work if you have a viewer on your device for that file type. This should be the same as the mail client on the device ... if it can open and view a file type on your device, you should be able to do so from Evernote. If you don't have a viewer for a file type from mail, then you won't be able to view it from Evernote.

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Cool, so these viewers are like plug-in to the Mail program on the iPod? Or are they stand-alone apps.

Would I get the viewers for Word and Excell from Microsoft, Apple or a third party?

Thanks for your help. If I can get this to work I am getting a Premium account.

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I'm not quite sure on how the iPod Touch plugs new document viewers into the OS. I've used this with PDF, but not with other types. Other document types work on the iPhone, but I'm not sure if Apple put the Office viewers into the Touch.

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Try opening a link to a Word document in Safari on the web browser ... if this works, then Evernote will behave the same way.

E.g. I did a search for "Word document" on Google and a couple of the links on that page went directly to Word docs. If you clicked on one of those from the Touch and it opened in a Word viewer, then Evernote should work fine, too.

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