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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: Matching PDF attachment filename with note titles



One thing I find annoying with Evernote is that I cannot rename an attached PDF while being viewed inline.


Sometimes PDF's don't get named appropriately when imported into Evernote. Even though the note gets a nice title when processed, when I share it or email the attachment out, the ugly fact that the attached file has some random, non-descript file name pops up.


Can you add a function that, with one button either changes the PDF file attachment name to match the note title and vice-versa. At a minimum, please allow manual renaming of PDF file attachments when viewed inline.





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I'm scanning a lot of documents into evernote so every note has just one PDF attachment.


Would it be possible to have a PDF as a note for itself? So when you adjust name and creation date you would actually change the name and creation date of the PDF file.




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@llbean - without wishing to start a Windows comparison fight,  a right-click in Windows Desktop allows you to rename an attached file.


@daniel307 - Nope.  The file and the note are two separate items.  You can "rename" either one,  and re-(creation)-date the note.  Getting to the file properties is a whole other operation.

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So you can rename the attached file even when it is viewed inline (Windows)?


I can right click and rename the attachment in the native Mac version but only if the file is being viewed as an attachment, NOT inline. Makes for a lot of switching back and forth.



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