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(Archived) feature request twitter integration

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I do not understand how to link my Evernote and Twitter accounts, I have done all this other stuff:

myenmyEN lets you save tweets directly into your Evernote account. Here's how to set it up:

myenStep 1: Follow myEN

myenStep 2: You will receive a direct message from myEN containing a link. Click the link.

myenStep 3: Sign into Evernote and link your Evernote and Twitter accounts. If you don't have an Evernote account, sign up. It's free.

myenYou're all set! Now add '@myEN' to any public tweet, or DM new notes to myEN.

:shock: Sorry, I guess I had not completed ALL the steps? Turns out that I had not receive the DirectMessage yet! That is the final step that allows the account linking! :D

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First, you follow the Twitter account 'myEN' with your Twitter account.

Then, you should see 'myEN' start to follow your Twitter account within a minute or so.

You should also receive a "Direct Message" (DM) from "myEN" that contains a hyperlink you must follow to link your Twitter account to your Evernote account.

Once you have clicked on this hyperlink and agreed to the linking in your Evernote web account, you are all set.

If you are following Evernote, and Evernote is following you, but you have not seen the Direct Message to set up your account, you can try sending a DM to Evernote. We may reply with another setup DM if your account is not linked.

You can see these Direct Messages in the Twitter web UI.

You can send a Direct Message to Evernote by going to "Direct Messages" in the Twitter UI, and then select our name from the drop-down before typing text that you want to go into Evernote.

You can also type "d myEN" at the beginning of the Twitter status box as a shortcut to send us a Direct Message.

When we receive this DM, we'll create a note in your account with the content of the DM.

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