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(Archived) Printing Livescribe Notes


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I am a LIvescribe Wifi-user, and printing is a nuisance since change from LS Desktop (old pen) to Evernote (Wifi-pen)! Using it for my profession and having to keep printed files, I have to print the LS pages every now and then. No problem within the LS environment, earlier, but in EN it is no good: Printing the note reduces the size of the actual picture and makes it worse to read. Printing only the picture is not offered in the EN Windows client. Printing in the web version (IE, FF, Opera) produces blank pages. My personal workaround - saving the picture and printing in Windows - is feasible, but a nuisance, in particular for longer notes. As EN and LS strongly integrate, EN should try to find a solution for printing. LS was of no help at all - very disappointing, they just offered me, a German user, to try letter format for the printer :wacko:


Has anyone out there an own best practice approach for full-format printing (A4) of Livescribe notes?


Thx, EvB.

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