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(Archived) Bug? - Notebook order gets lost and there is no method to reorder


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I have my notebooks ordered using numbers so they appear in the order I want, such as:


01. Notes

02. Reference



When I need to reorder and therefore rename notebooks EN often just throws them in somewhere out of (alphabetical sort) order.  When that happens there does not seem to be any way to get them to resort alphabetically except by going through a PITA process where I drag the notebook into some phony stack and then drag it back onto the top level "personal" to fix the issue and get them to sort again.


Also, it's super irritating that the EN user interface gives the false impression that you can reorder notebooks, if you drag them it creates a line above or below a notebook and makes it look like you can drop it there.  Then when you do it actually automatically creates a stack.

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I had this problem in the past with Windows.

I found out that the notebooks arranged properly after I logged out and logged back in.


This did not work: >File >Exit

This seemed to work: >File >Sign Out


Not a great solution.

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