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(Archived) Clipping Web Contents

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I have just installed the free version of Evernote (a complete novice with Evernote) and saw a feature that I think is phenomenal (Clipping Web Content".  According to the Evernote home page this feature is installed when I installed Evernote.  I am not sure this is true for the free version.  I need someone to confirm if it is or not.


If it is included in the free version; how do I use it.  When I am in Internet Explorer 10 I do not see the option anywhere.  Can use some direction in finding it.


Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.

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Thanks jbenson2 for the response. 


I have read every line of that article and I still have some issues.


My primary browser is Internet Explorer.


One of the things it says is to Log In to Evernote.  Which Evernote?  The one I have installed or the Evernote homepage??


Then it says When I have a webpage open, right-click on the webpage and select "Add to Evernote 4.0 in the menu".  I do NOT see this option anywhere.


I do see the options "Clip this page" and "Clip URL".  I am not sure either of these will clip into Evernote.  I could use some guidence on this.


Thanks again.

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For security reasons, I do not use Internet Explorer.


Gazumped has a good suggestion - try the "Clip this page".


Which version should you log into? You can log into either the Evernote web version or the Evernote local client. The web version is clunky in my opinion, so I rely on the local client. The clipper will send the page to the Web, but you can get it onto your local client by sync'g.


In Firefox, here are two examples of how I use the clipper.


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gazumped  "Clip this page worked great"


I first opened Evernote on my desktop and then opened a page in IE (not much on the page) then right-click inside the page and selected "Clip this page".  A new windows opened which indicated it would be sent to Evernote.


Then in Evernote I clicked on the Sync button a couple times and the webpage showed up.


Thank you.




I looked at the article about Firefox and it looked simple enough, however my Firefox does not look like the ones in your examples:


I would put a screen shot in here to show you but I have not figured out how to do that yet.


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