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(Archived) Evernote.exe encountered a problem and needs to close


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Evernote crashes every time its started with:


'Evernote.exe v. has encountered a problem and needs to close'


C++ Runtime Library: 'runtime error'


Attached is a jpeg of the error dialog boxes and also the error log.


Any suggestions?




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Have you still enough space on your machine (especially for the TEMP/TMP temporary folders used by Windows and pointed by the %temp% variables of 'Control Panel|System|Advanced tab|Environment Variables') ?

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Suggestion is to contact the Evernote support team, as requested by the error dialog. Be prepared to give the the AppLog.txt file that you've posted here. Support can be reached through the link in my signature.

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Thanks for help.

I still have about 50Gb on c drive where the temp file is so space shouldn't be an issue I hope.


I have now submitted the problem to support and pasted in part of the error log.


I deleted the database from the machine and it will start now and is re-downloading the database again.

But this has happened before on more than one machine so I would like to find the problem and permanently fix it.


I'll post Evernote's reply/fix when I get it

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Yes. Same here. I have uninstalled, upgraded, everything I can think of. I load, it crashes. I have had to use the web interface for months now.

Advice for this issue (may be caused by separate problems) is still this: if you haven't opened a support request, then you should.
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