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(Archived) uniform features in all platforms


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I used Evernote on a Mac, on an iPod and in a Windows laptop. I noticed that there are different features in different platforms. Would not it be possible to make this features uniform throughout the platforms? If not all features, at least these ones:

  • Insert date in Mac OS, but not found in iOS and Windows;
  • the paragraph styles in iOS, but not found in Mac OS and Windows.
  • the copy and paste note in Mac OS and Windows, but not found in iOS.

The unification of these features would surely make me subscribe to the premium edition! Thank you.




and one more thing, I guess it would be better if every notebook can be sorted individually for, in my case but I guess others have the same situation too, there are notebooks that need to be sorted by title and others by date of creation. As it stands now, it is cumbersome always switch to different sort criteria every time we switch notebooks. Please fix this. Thank you.



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There is no indication that all the platforms will ever be uniform.


The current position by Evernote is they don't want to hold back one platform (with a great new feature) because of the difficulty in implementing the new feature in other platforms.

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"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."


If you really want all the functionality across major platforms there's a program called Parallels among others. It lets an instance of the other OS run on your Mac. From what I understand the reverse is possible but not appreciated by Apple. Android and iApple, note the "i", don't let you do this to my knowledge.


Enjoy your own grass!! (not implying drugs)



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My business partner & I both use VMWare. On Windows for me, OSX for him.

I believe he considers it superior to Parallels. We are using it to create instances of Windows XP. Haven't tried instance of OSX.

It's better than Parallels, but not even close to cheap.



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