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(Archived) Evernote error message at top of note in red.



i'm getting a strange problem that i cannot find any documentation for on the help section or otherwise. when i open a specific text note that i entered in Evernote Mac I see this header in a red box:

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 1 at column 223: internal error

Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

under this message i see my text notes but i cannot edit or otherwise change them nor can i delete them. i have not tried to delete the note.

i did go to the web Evernote interface and found that the note there was fine with no error message or otherwise.

can anyone help figure out why this is happening and what i can do about it? this time its minor but if it continues to happen then it may be a bigger issue.


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What was the origin of this note? I.e. did you type it directly into Evernote, or did it come from a web clip? If it's clipped, which browser did you clip it from?

What version of Safari do you have on your Mac? (The latest is 3.2.1.) In particular, do you have a beta or pre-release version of Safari or OS X?


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I just wanted to add that I have the same problem. Pink error message box that reads:

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 1 at column 196: internal error

Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

I am using

Evernote Version 1.3.0 (44809)

Mac OS 10.5.6

My Safari version is 3.2.1

It was not a web clipping, it was completely made up of my own text that I was typing in.

What I was doing:

1) Created the note (let's call it "Note A"), with typed a paragraph of text. I think it sync'd okay.

2) Later, (without having changed anything, or clicked on any other notes, etc. in Evernote) I added another paragraph of manually typed text below the first. When I did this, I was attempting to stick a timestamp into the note by hitting Shift-Alt-D like on my PC version of Evernote. This didn't work, I think I hit a few other combinations of keys (e.g. Shift-Ctrl-D, Shift-Cmd-D) to try to get a timestamp to show up before I realized it wouldn't. I deleted the character that had showed up when I hit Shift-Alt-D (it was this character: Î ) and then just typed normally, but I don't know if something somehow got saved, and then the note renderer didn't know what to do with it?

3) Then I did a couple of searches from the search bar for previous notes, clicked on one previous note and viewed it, then clicked on "Note A" again in the Note List View, and that's where I found the pink box, then the first paragraph of text rendered properly, but not the second. The second did not appear at all.

4) I then went to the web version of Evernote, to find that there was no error, but that only the previously synced version of my note was there (e.g. one paragraph, not two). I went back to my Mac Evernote, error still there. So obviously, problem seems to be only on the non-synced data on my Mac. Then, went to Web Evernote, added some text to the bottom of the note and hit "save". Went back to Mac Evernote. Now the error is gone, and note looks the same as on Web Evernote. Good that error is gone. Bad that my data was lost. :-(

If possible, I'd like to know where the data for each note is stored on my Mac so that I could have salvaged it should this ever happen again. I actually searched for it but was only able to find the *.evernote metadata file, not where the contents of the note actually is.


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I have the same problem:


The note I was working on had just text, and I have been writing on it this whole day, and lost all of today's work.

Right before I closed the note, I copied a paragrah from the note, using command + c.

I do cut and paste text quite often, using a small app called JumpCut, but this is only unformatted text.

The error message appeared after I just closed the note, and when I opened it again, all today's work was gone, and it also says that the note hasn't been changed since yesterday.

This was while using Mac for Evernote, Version 1.4.0 (46834)

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same problem here.

my note was just text i had typed in.

i can't find a solution for this: the web and iphone versions of the note are both blank, while on my mac i can see the error.

is there any way to retrieve the note / some kind of solution?

thank you!

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I have the same issue with a note that was typed directly into the mac application as text. It seems to be addressed by copying the text into a new note and deleting the old one, but still. This bug was logged in 2009. If it is the same issue, that is pretty pathetic. 

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