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(Archived) CaptureOnTouch Scan to Evernote

Mike Prince

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I have a Canon ImageFORMULA P-215 scanner which has an Evernote plugin. However if I scan a document using this the scan always ends up in the currently open notebook, and it seems there is no way to configure destination notebook, or anything else useful like tags. Since I have several notebooks it's easy to miss a scan completely.


I have tried using Import Folders instead, but this suffers the problem that a multi-page document is imported immediately into Evernote before it is fully scanned.


Any idea how to usefully scan to Evernote from this scanner?



-- Mike --

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I have a ScanSnap, so I don't know the specifics of your scanner and how the add-in is implemented. However, I scan to a folder, rather than Evernote directly, then have EN import the contents of that folder. Then set up Tools/import folders to automatically import to the folder you want the document to go to.

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Yup - when a scanner is saving a multi-page document directly into an import folder,  it rings the bell for Evernote to import the file immediately the first page is saved.  Evernote will take what it can,  but leave that file in place since it's open and 'locked' by the scanner.  The scanner will finish its business and close the file.. but Evernote is no longer interested because it has already imported a file with that name.


The best way to scan files is to add them to a normal folder,  then manually (or automatically with one of several file management apps) move them to the import folder.  This also gives you a chance to review/ change names,  rotate pages and OCR if you need to before importing them.

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