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(Archived) Which email address do reminder emails get sent to?



Hi Forum,


This is my first time posting, so I hope I am posting in the correct area.


I am trying to use EN's latest reminder feature to send me emails when reminders are due. I set my first reminder the other day but I don't know where EN would send the reminder to as it doesn't ask me to specify an email address.


I have gone into the reminder preferences, but still don't see a section where I can specify an email address.


Any help from the forum is appreciated.

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Hi and welcome to the forums !


Reminders are sent to your EN email address which was given to you when you opened an account.

Go to the WEB version, sign into your account and in the upper right hand corner you will see your name.

Click and go to Account Summary. Your email address is there.


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Hi Wern - did I misunderstand?  Surely a reminder to the EN email address will simply create another note with the content of that reminder.  I thought the emails went to the email address you used to set up the account - which is your current email address shown in the 'my account' page..

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Hi, following on from this discussion, how is it possible to add an email address to a reminder? i.e. in circumstances where you want the reminder to be sent to an email address instead of the one with which the account was set up.

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Hi and welcome to the forums - it's not possible to set follow up actions from reminders - yet,  anyway.  You get the reminder and (optionally) an email to the address registered in Evernote.  If you opt for the email you may be able to set a rule in your email client that would forward it or trigger another email,  or use an add-in service like IFTTT to carry out an action.

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