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(Archived) Switching accounts offline on android


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Right now I have 2 free accounts. 1 for my company, 1 for my personal. I use evernote a lot on my PC and on my android phone


If I upgrade either one of these accounts to premium, I would be able to freely switch between them is that correct?


For example on my android phone I can switch accounts as easily as on my PC? I don't have a data connection on my phone and I rely a lot on evernote. The problem I am having right now is that with 2 free accounts I have to log out on my phone to log in to my other free account.


With the premium feature, I am able to switch on my android phone with no internet connection and have everything stored there in offline search?

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You can definitely switch between accounts on a desktop, but I haven't tried this in Android.  Frankly I'd be surprised if it worked because the OS is much less flexible.  If you try the experiment and it works please let us know - it's an interesting question!

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I see... seems wierd that no one would have tried this function before


My main use would be for android, I don't need the extra space from premium, just the switching function so I didn't want to pay and then find out I couldn't switch offline 

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Well the Android client is the same for both Prem and Free users and I don't see any menu entries that would allow me (prem) to switch accounts.  Plus Evernote validates the account details in such a way on the mobile that I think it would be difficult to change between two accounts at all.  If I opt to 'sign out' of Evernote I get a message


"Signing out will remove all your cached notes and offline notebooks from your device.  Do you want to sign out?"


I chose 'no'


Your only option would seem to be two phones...

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