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(Archived) REQUEST: Make Email Note scriptable with Applescript

Roger Worden


I have a nice AppleScript for turning an Outlook meeting into a "meeting minutes" form in Evernote. When I'm done with the meeting, I'd like to use Share > Email Note to send the minutes to all attendees. I know how to get the email addresses for the Organizer, Required Attendees, and Optional Attendees from Outlook. But there's no way to script the Email Note function and load the list of email addresses into it.


As a workaround I might script Outlook to get the note content from the Note... that's a bit more work, and Outlook is not very well-behaved with scripts.

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I think this is related to what I'm wanting to do as well. I log my workouts in Evernote. I'm looking for a way to automatically email me a copy of my last weeks worth of workouts. I'm thinking that this would be fairly simple if I could script the Email Note function and just make a query that pulls up the desired notes that I want sent. 

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