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(Archived) My company is blocking Evernote sync and Evernote web access

S. Huet

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Access to www.evernote.com website was already blocked (interesting that blog.evernote.com is not blocked) from within my company's network and now (started some weeks ago) we are also not able to sync the Windows client with Evernote servers. Also tried Evernote on an Android smartphone connected to the network and does not work also. Other services as Springpad and Onenote are not blocked. 

Does Evernote sync service uses any specific protocol that makes it easy to be blocked ?  Any suggestion to bypass this ?

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"Any suggestion to bypass this ?"


Yes, discuss this with your employer. If that does not solve the problem, then since your employer is paying you to do their work, the solution is:

  • don't use it in the office and
  • bypass it by using it at home when you are not working
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