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(Archived) Skitch synchs with evernote only one way


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Trying out evernote and skitch for the first time...I am finding that if I originate a note in Skitch, I can see that note in everynote (it synchs).  However the reverse is not true.  No note originating in the notebook from evernote will be available in skitch.   That is regardless of whether I copy an existing note, create a new one, etc.   Skitch will never see it.


I am certain I am doing things in the correct shared notebook as, again, if I create notes in skitch, I see them in evernote next to a number of notes originating in evernote, that are NOT viewable or synched to skitch.  So it seems as this this notebook synch is only working one-way. 


I am completely new to all this, I am evaluating the product suite.   Looks like great capability, however, I'm having trouble getting this basic synch functionality to work.


I am using the absolute latest mac osx, and the latest skitch and evernote (all downloaded today.) 


Appreciate any guidance. 

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@Codenotes - Skitch can only see Notes that are classified as a Skitch Note. This classification is generated when Skitch writes the note to Evernote services. If you create a note in Evernote and drag it into the Skitch Notebook, Skitch will not see this because it did not originate the Note in the first place. 


What you can do right now to edit something in Skitch if it did not originate there, but is an existing note, is print the Note to a PDF and then open that PDF in Skitch for markup. We're working on some new features to bring between communication between Evernote and Skitch which will help you with marking up notes that don't originate in Skitch. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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