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How to update stack notebooks in shortcut pannel?

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I have a notebook stack in my shortcuts pannel. When I create a new notebook and add this notebook to this stack within the UI I was expecting the shortcut view of this stack to grow and now contain this new notebook. Is this not the functionality of this feature? Do I have to also drag over the new notebook into the stack on the shortcuts pannel?

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Hi garnold,


Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce your error. I have a notebook stack "Stack" myself that is in my shortcuts in the left sidebar; upon creating a new notebook "Test" and adding "Test" to "Stack", it also updates "Stack" in the sidebar so I can see "Test" as newly added.


What version of Evernote and Mac OSX are you using?

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Mac version 10.7.5

Evernote version 5.1.3


I'll test again just to make sure I'm not seeing things. So you didn't do a refresh or anything? Just added a new notebook to a stack and the stack on the short cuts panel instantly reflected this addition? Hummm strange? 

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To reproduce this error.


1. Create a stack

2. Create a notebook underneath.

3. Drag stack to shortcut index.  Stack and sub notebook should be visible.

4. Rename sub notebook.

5. Error - Shortcut sub notebook still reflects old name.

6. Click on SYNC.

7. Error - Shortcut sub notebook still reflects old name.  Sometimes this may work but no consistent.


Workaround - You have to remove stack from shortcut index and re-drag to shortcut to trigger read.





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I wasn't able to reproduce the original problem either, but this new issue I can reproduce every time. I've noted it internally.

A simpler workaround is to start to drag the stack out of the shortcuts section, then drop it back to the shortcuts.

Thanks for reporting this!

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Hi there - I've fought this for move than a year. My approach was to restart EN. Glad I can do this with a fake drag and drop, AND I would love to see this fixed sometime. I rename folders 15 times a day and it get old having to sync and restart every time.



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