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(Archived) What happened to edit note in android?


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Something very strange has happened here since the last update .  When I try to edit a note I get something like this



Content (line 1)

content (line 2)

Content (line 3)



I can only edit one line at a time (and it appears I cannot copy at all).


I use evernote to story chinese language information and found it very handy to copy a note

and post it into a short message or something else.


The only way to get a copy now is to email the note to myself and copy from there.  Such the shame the

usability has been gimped.





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Did you edit your note in a desktop app or copy the content from an email or web page?  What you're experiencing seems to be the note editor's reaction to formatted content.  If you create a test note in plain text it should be editable in full.

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I've noticed the same behavior, I notice that when I click edit on a note i see a message 'This note contains unsupported formatting ?'

I then click that message and get a dialog box saying ' This version of Evernote does not support inline editing of webclips ...'


Thing is I created that note on my phone and it's very simple as shown below (just a shopping list):-

Outdoor GPODoor Mattshort Grey timber zips 12gStools kitchen bench 1220Matt Blatt MB058495

Furthermore if I edit this using the one line at a time method it doesn't sync to my PC.

That is when i view the note on my handset I see one thing and on my PC another.



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OK - weird.  Maybe some rogue formatting got added to the note somehow.  Maybe you could try setting up another note in the same way to see if the situation continues..?

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I'm getting the same thing. If I create a new note in the Windows App with a single line of text, it edits fine on the Android app. If I indent the text on the desktop version, it then displays the weird message about inline editing on Android. Undo the change on the desktop and everything is fine again. Looks like something to do with 'fancy formatting' :-)


In the web interface, if I add indents, these are lost once I edit the same note on the Android app however at least I don't get the warning about inline editing. Shame


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