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Setting reminder through Clipper?

Tracy McKibben


First let me say that the new reminders and integration with Remember The Milk are, quite simply, the greatest thing since sliced bread.  These two things have finally pushed me over the hump into becoming a full-fledged premium Evernote user.


That said - is there a way, or are there plans to offer a way, to set a reminder on an item that is being created through the Web Clipper?  That would be HUGE in terms of streamlining the flow from web page (or Gmail) to Evernote to RTM.

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It's already out. You have an extra step after you clip the item, you'll get a popup.

I just clipped an item and used it. The display style makes the reminder icon ( alarm clock ) non-obvious. Since I was looking for it  I found it. Instead of light gray on dark grey, perhaps they could have the icon be white on dark grey so that it stands out.

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