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(Archived) How do I save to a Notebook?



I just downloaded Evernote 5.1.4 (OSX 10.8.3). Big mistake. This system is totally different and I can't figure out how to save new notes to my various Notebooks. How do you designate which Notebook to put a new clipping or note in? (I have more than 75 Notebooks and use them all for different purposes.)

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Metrodon - I KNOW how to save to Notebooks -- I've been doing it in Evernote for years. The basic instructional link you offered above is nothing more

than I already know. THE PROBLEM STARTED when I downloaded v. 5.1.4. Suddenly there is no way to select a notebook -- no pulldown menu like on previous versions -- in the clipper window that says "Type or drag files here to create a note."

It seems like the latest version's clipper function is missing major functionality.

Can you please explain to me how to save to a Notebook using this new clipper window?

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