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(Archived) My Guitar Lessons on Evernote


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Hey All,


I have been playing guitar for a couple of decades and after several years, I am looking forward to taking lessons again.  I am almost as excited to use Evernote to document my lessons as I am to actually take the lessons.  I wish this tool had been around when I started back in the early 90's.


I plan on creating a note for each lesson and doing the following:

  1. Using Tags to highlight that it is a lesson and what we covered
  2. Using Voice memo to record the actual lesson
  3. Using the page Photographer to document the notes from the lesson


Does anybody else see anything I may be missing?  


Thank you,




PS, what would you pay to have had Evernote while in College?



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Well - I'd suggest testing out the recording quality before you rely on it.  Any audio file can be embedded in a note,  so if there's another audio app out there that does the job better than Evernote I'd go for that.  Plus if your tutor is going to show you chord fingering - take a snap of his finger placement so you can model your own hand on his when you practice.


And yes,  Evernote is something I would've liked to have had from before I was born!  ('Course the laptops would have been steam-powered then...)

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Hello gazumped,


Great ideas.  The audio was fine.  It records at a lesser quality than the native voice memo recorder, which sounds fine for what I was doing and actually saves space.


I actually also ended up using Penultimate.  I am a premium member, so I could download the Music Papers and take notes on that as well, they integrated into my lesson notes very easy.


I will post a few more updates as I move along.  Great stuff.


Thanks for the suggestions!

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