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(Archived) Proposing a change to Evernote's main window interface



I love Evernote and use it for all my research.


I would like to see one change in the interface. In the main Evernote window, in every view other than "Expanded Card View," you see a preview of the note in a column on the right (or bottom). This is awkward for a few reasons. For one thing, I don't want my note on the edge of the screen. I always double-click the note to open it in a separate window. This way I can position separate notes relative to each other for comparing information, etc. When I select a note and open it in a separate window, that same note also appears in the right column of the main Evernote window, and all changes appear in the main window after a one-second delay, and this is distracting. I want the Evernote window to simply be a central place that lists all the notes. I would prefer to use "Snippet View" or "List View" so that more notes fit on the screen, if only there were an option to turn off the column that contains the note itself in the main Evernote window.


Thank you,


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