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(Archived) Suggest ability to use "TAB" or "RETURN" to move cursor from the Title area to the body of a Note



After the 5th time in 3 days of this happening to me, I count it as an annoyance: Within Evernote desktop, once I have created a new note and typed the title, why does Evernote only allow me to navigate into the body of the note using the mouse? Other intuitive possibilities either don't work (down arrow) or elicit completely different actions that take me out of my new note (hitting "TAB" or "RETURN"). 

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Hi skellermann,


I have not been able to reproduce your error. I just created a new note now using Evernote Mac -- I entered a new note title, and hit Tab to go directly to the note body.


What version of Evernote and Mac OSX are you using? You can go to Evernote > About Evernote and the Apple icon > About This Mac to find out.

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