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(Archived) Photo notes with Omnia

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Hi, Just upgraded from a Treo to a Samsung Omnia. I had no problems doing photo notes on Treo (except for focusing on small stuff), but now on the Omnia when I open Evernote, select snapshot note, the camera application opens as expected, I take a photo, close the camera app. but the photo doesn't appear in Evernote. What's the trick? I feel like I'm missing something obvious... never had this problem on the Treo, so never gave it much thought. I finally have a phone with a decent camera that can focus on close text and I can't figure out how to use it! :?


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I don't think we have an Omnia to test with, but there's no reason this shouldn't work. For pictures, we just go to Windows Mobile and use a system call that says "please display the camera control and let us know if the user takes a picture." It sounds like this device may not implement that WM hook correctly, perhaps.

Can you take a picture using the normal camera application on the device and then use the "upload file" feature in our app to upload that from the device file system into an Evernote note?

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Just tested it, I can use the upload feature. Not as convenient as the one touch I was able to do on the Treo but It works. Is there a way to at least set the default directory Evernote wants to upload from? I have to go in about 5 levels to get to where the camera stores the images.

Thanks Dave.

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