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Viewing a single notebook in the Atlas

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Afternoon folks,

Been setting up a notebook for locations around Scotland that I want to visit, all nicely geotagged so that they display beautifully in Atlas. As I've slowly been working around the locations I move them to a second notebook (and tag them as being visited). Is there any way that I can view only the one notebook at a time in Atlas?

Or is there even a way to filter notes appeaing in Atlas by tags? Seems like it should be a fairly simple thing to implement so I'm sure that it's there somewhere and I'm just being daft!

Please help, you'd make my day if it's something I'm overlooking.



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Hi, Dougie:


If you have iPhone with iOS6 or up, you may try GoLater    It will generate map by the special tag of g:/address or known place name or city of the notes from your selected notebooks.  Then you can either view map of each note, or all notebooks that you sync to GoLater, or a single notebook.   Besides, you can check out the note content from maps, or get navigate direction to reach the place of your note.   

Welcome to visit GoLater's office web site too.  

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