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Hi there jemostrom. There is a way to change the shortcuts of Skitch menu items one by one to shortcuts you would never use. However, I'm not sure it can survive an app update, meaning you might lose these new shortcuts when a new Skitch releases. If you follow this guide, please let me know what happens after a Skitch update.  :)


I'm using OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4. 


1. Click on the Apple icon on the top left menu bar.

2. Choose System Preferences from the drop down menu.

3. Find and click the Keyboard icon. The following window will appear:


4. Click on Keyboard Shortcuts and then Application Shortcuts.

5. Underneath the right window, click the + button. The following window will appear:


6. From the Application drop down box, find and select Skitch.

7. Note: This is where we start changing the shortcuts for Skitch menu items one by one.

8. In the Menu Title text box, enter the Skitch menu item whose shortcut you want to change. For example, if you type Arrow, the shortcut for Arrow will be changed when we're finished.

9. Next we'll set our new shortcut for Arrow. Think of a sequence that you will never use on accident. Such as shift + control + command + option + A. Phew!

10. Click in the Keyboard Shortcut text box and press your new shortcut sequence.  It will be propagated in that field. Click Add.


That's it! Repeat these steps for any shortcut that irritates you.


A few notes:

1. The results are instant. You can double check by returning to Skitch and looking for the Arrow shortcut under Tools.

2. If you change your mind, highlight the shortcut (step 5) and click the - button, and Arrow will return to its default shortcut combination.


I hope this helps! If anyone finds a simpler way to disable menu shortcuts, I'd love to know.



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Hello Branden,


unfortunately, it does not work. Jemostrom was talking about the Skitch Menu Item and not the Skitch App.


Skitch Menu Item takes the Alt Shift Cmd 5 shortcut for the Previous Snapshot Area for example.

Unfortunately, this shortcut is used for example in Mail.app to decrease text indentation.


When I write an email, I have to Quit the Skitch Menu Item.


But in the Skitch App, the shortcut is OK.





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