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(Archived) Which Notebook?

Shiraz Mistry

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Dear all,


I am a little confused with how to arrange Notebooks within Evernote. This is to do with Stacks and Notebooks.


Let me give you an example.


I had a Notebook called "Food and Recipes". I had another Notebook called "Health" and another Notebook called "Diabetes".


What would you do to place all of these notebooks in the one stack? What is the umbrella name you would give to this overall Notebook stack?


Any assistance would be very much appreciated.







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There are many ways to tackle this with Evernote. Here is my opinion.


If you are a doctor who specializes in Diabetes, then a notebook on Diabetes with hundreds of notes might be useful.

I find Evernote is more powerful with just a few very broad notebooks.

What I would do is:


1.) Have 3 notebooks and no stacks. The 3 notebooks would be Work, Personal, and Leisure. A 4th notebook could be Miscellaneous for reference and reading material. Put the recipes in the Leisure notebook along with any other hobby, vacation, and entertainment related notes. And put the Health notes and Diabetes notes in the Personal notebook.


2.) Use a structured title starting with date for all your notes. I use YYYYMMDD Location Subject Person 


3.) Tag each of the notes with one or more specific tags

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Shiraz, you ask, "What is the umbrella name you would give to this overall Notebook stack?" - - - I think the answer lies in your answer to the question, "Why would you want to put those 3 Notebooks into 1 stack?"

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Let me complicate the matter further.


I will have 'Food and Drinks' and 'Recipes' as two Notebooks.


I will have a separate Notebook called 'Health'. Under this I would have 'Tips' and 'Diabetes'.




1. What name would you call the umbrella stack for 'Foods and Drinks' and 'Recipes'?


2. What if I had a note titled: 'Healthy Food tips for Diabetics'? Where do you think it should be placed?

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Shiraz, put them all in a Notebook called "Sustenances".


But, the answer ultimately lies in how you want to find and use those Notes. I'd suggest you ask yourself some questions like, "With Evernote's powerful search functions, why do I want more than one Notebook?" "Why would I want those 3 Notes in more than one Notebook?"


It's all about your needs and how you will be using Evernote. It may be that the best way for you to configure your Notebooks and Notes won't become clear to you until you have created 200 Notes and tried a couple different configurations.


I hope this helps.

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