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iOS: Launch Center Pro (quick actions)

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That doesn't seem to be something they show much interest in. I've read replies elsewhere that they instead have a bridge mode where apps can put stuff on the clipboard for sending launch actions to Evernote.

Further details on that have been elusive for me.

I do recommend you look at Clever or Clever HD as a supplemental Evernote client.

It's URL Scheme support is massive, likely more than any of my other apps.

There is a quirk with App Cubby's launch Center pro, in that the URL Scheme items seem to come up in Korean.

I've moved on to Launcher+

Unlike Launch Center Pro, it's universal for ipad use, plus all the Clever URL scheme options come up properly.

Moreover it has scheduling so you can have items come up in the notification Center that you can tap to execute.

Maybe you want a certain saved search to come up every morning, or to create a note with certain tags set at a certain time.

Though for that I suggest pairing it with EverLog. You can setup multiple templates with its internal form builder. Each form has its own URL scheme launch string. Feed that to Launcher+ and you can have it prompt you to fill in what you've been working on, with simple switches, checkboxes, form fields, and pre-populated tags.

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Hi there, I have just started another post on this topic and have asked them, point blank, to respond to the topic about Launch Center Pro.

Also CWB, I have never noticed those issues with Korean you are reporting. I'm not sure the last time Launch Center was updated, but it does support scheduling.

Here is the link if you want to show your support or simply follow.




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Yes Launch Center has been working fine for a while.  Plus it was completely overhauled for iOS7, and the last update was just 17 days ago.

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