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(Archived) Increasing size of filename for url "attachments" dropped into notes

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HI, in the past I've collected urls by dragging their fav icons from a browser's location bar and then dropping this into folders on a Mac...this results in a .webloc file with a long name clearly describing the url. Unfortunately when now moving a large amount of these .webloc files to an Evernote note, they are included in a note as attachments with extremely brief filenames (in comparison to what was available in a Mac's folder). Is there anyway to increase the filename size of these attached .webloc files so they are more clearly legible? Is there a quick method of copying and pasting such .webloc files into a note as their raw urls - without opening each one in a browser to hand copying them? 


(example attached...just would like to dump a whole bunch of .webloc files into Evernote and still be able to read them...)




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