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(Archived) Evernote Touch Attaching files/images

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Hey All,


I just started using Evernote (Touch) on Windows 8. I would like to mention that I love to use Evernote because of the sync and easiness of the UI. The issue that I'm facing is that I can't see any option from where I can attach files/images stored on the computer to Evernote (touch). I can do it on Evernote desktop by going to file --> Attachments. Is there any way to do it or is the feature not included in Evernote (Touch)?



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Interesting - had a quick look at the Windows 8 guide to Evernote - http://evernote.com/evernote/guide/windows8 which kind've side-steps the issue.  No attachments mentioned there that I can see.  I'm a bit of an OS dinosaur - still on Windows Vista here,  though I do use Win 7 on a couple of other machines.  Maybe one of the other commenters here can contribute some more information.


You say you can add attachments from another computer though - are they visible in your Windows 8 database?

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Thanks for the reply. Umm, not just another computer I can use the Evernote desktop application of Windows 8 to attach images. Problem is the sync goes broken at times and goes to conflicting changes which makes it unusable. I want to use Evernote (Touch) for most note-making because of the snap feature in Windows 8.

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