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(Archived) Unneeded splash screen shows at EN startup



When I start Evernote Mac (Version 5.1.4 (401298)), first the login splash screen appears, then a few seconds later the app itself opens with no need for a login.


Is there a way I can suppress the splash screen? 

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I get it too, and I've seen it for many months, maybe even as far back as the previous version. We know not why it comes nor why it goes, but its coming is like that of shai-hulud, who cleanses the way for the evernote app. I turned off my thumpers, but to no avail!

(random dune reference there...)

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This is the one thing about Evernote that makes me cross, every time I launch.  Mac OSX 10.8.4  Evernote 5.2.1  (although as with others have been seeing for months)  I've done everything I can think of to shut it off. 

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Has anyone found an answer to this?  I've had the same problem for many months.  I keep hoping that an update will fix it, but..


It would be nice if the good people at EN would reply.

This is a users board. Evernote post occasionally, as time permits. If you want to dialog directly with Evernote, you will need to submit a support ticket. (See my sig).

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