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How to Unshare Notebook?



I previously had a business account and shared a couple of notebooks. I then changed my subscription to personal. However, a few days ago, I noticed that some people I previously shared with can still access the shared notebooks even when its on a personal account now. How do I revoke their access to the notebooks?


I can't find any button or link in the interface to do this .. ( On a personal account )

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On a Mac, click on the giant Notebook icon in the sidebar - this should load all your notebooks.


Find the one you want to unshare and select it - this should give you the gear wheel (settings) and share icon.


click on the share icon and then you can choose who you want to share that notebook with.

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To unshare a notebook in Mac Evernote 6.0.3

  1. Go to Notebooks View
  2. Hover over the notebook you want to unshare. 
  3. RIght click the work chat icon above the options gear. 
  4. Select Manage Sharing.
  5. Find the person in question, click the 'x' after the sharing (can edit or can view) options dropdown.
  6. Click the Stop Sharing button
  7. Click Dismiss after the confirmation 
  8. Take your ball and go home. ;)

My process went like this:


This is really not clear in the mac app or the phone app.


I shared my first notebook accidentally on the iOS phone app version 7.6.2 (it was pre-attached to my first response to a work chat), 

oops, I'll just unshare it... Couldn't figure it out, so went to my desktop and updated Evernote, to find the solution.  


Mac Version

Right clicking on notebook link in the work chat does not allow me to bring up a settings or dialog to unshare, or delete that resource from the chat.


So I googled and ended up here. :D


I thought I'd gone through the steps listed above, it was still in the chat, and the notebook still said it's shared (red people bookmark).

So I tried again, and again, to no avail. 


Above the gear icon on the notebook is the chat it's shared with, clicking the chat icon pops up the chat in a smaller window, with some sharing options, per user

  • Can view
  • Can edit
  • Can edit and invite

(there is no option for 'Remove or Revoke access)


I kept going into this dialog trying to delete the person from the top entry bar (like one would remove email addresses), this of course, didn't work. 


Finally, after all this clicking around, I went into the notebook view again, right clicked on the chat icon above the gear, and found a great number of options including 'Manage Sharing'


This option does not appear in the top bar under Note -> More Sharing ->Permissions, where I looked for it initially. (where the Work Chat Sharing choices are).


It's a great dialog, and does pretty much what I was looking to do, perhaps it should be directly accessible like View->Manage Sharing.



For the iOS app, I suggest a delete style swipe over the shared element (note, book,ect), but instead of delete, the text would say Unshare, or stop sharing. 



This was not an emergency, the accidental sharing of my main notebook was to a trusted friend, so no state secrets or propriety information was potentially shared.


I did noted that the desktop version does warn before it allows you to share like this, the phone version did not. 


However, this could have been a potentially disastrous series of events in many other cases.  


So, for ye googlers, and Evernote team, This is how I unshared a notebook in Evernote 6.0.3



p.s. love Evernote, just started subscribing. but have been a user for about a year.

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