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(Archived) Logical operators to show 2 notebooks at the same time

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Well basicly i want to be able to search tags in two specific notebooks, i've been looking around and trying different codes but none of them worked.

I guessed it should be something like this but it doesn't work.

any: notebook:"N1" notebook:"N2" tag:T1

Then i read this:

    Since notebooks have exclusive relationships with notes, at most one notebook can be provided for the search.

Here: http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/search_grammar.php

But since they don't update it, i thought it could have changed over the time.


Or, its a way to show all the notes on two selected notebooks? without any tag, just choose two folders, or select them or whatever, and be able to see all the notes inside those two folders at the same time.

Any ideas?


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You can't search multiple notebooks.

If you access the search often, you could put the notebooks in a stack and search stack:

Stack searching is similar to notebook searching in that you can only search one.

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