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(Archived) Simple List View (screenshots!)


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Against my better judgement, I post a couple screenshots describing the Evernote View option I'd like to see.  I take text notes to help me write.  Just text.  And when I view those in "Snippet" mode I see this:



You can see that the titles are redundant because it's just a truncated version of the next line.  The date is not useful to me either.  But the title and date are not features I can turn off in this mode (I think).  Also, all the notes are displayed with the some vertical real estate, so some notes have a lot of white space, while others are truncated.  This seems like visual style trumping utility.  What I'd really like to see is something like this:



This is somewhat less punctuated, but now I can read all of my notes, without the visual noise of redundant items or things I don't need to see.  You could add some boldness or color, or change the horizontal lines in some way, but I think this layout serves me better.  I have thousands of notes.  I don't give them each a special title.  I don't care about the date.  So this is how I'd like to see them, just the notes.  Would be great to provide some customization options to allow this spartan view.  Considering iOS7, it may even be in vogue soon.

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Hi. For simple list view, you can use Ctrl+Shift+F5 to get a list view on the side instead of a snippet view. This will enable you to see a lot more notes at once. You can designate whether you want to see just the title (your titles match your text, so basically you will see one line of note text for each note), or see tags and other information with it (right-click on any of the column headers to get rid categories).

Of course, this is basically the opposite of what you want (the title without a snippet instead of a snippet without a title). However, I don't know of any notetaking program that shows you just the content in a list like that without titles, so it seems unlikely to be implemented. I like the idea, though, and it would be nice to have the option. Fortunately, in your case, if you can get by with a single line of text, then this view ought to work.

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My god.  Nothing works here.  Maybe I'm losing my mind.


I didn't write post #3, but my name (jcolosi) is next to it.  I posted a response to GrumpyMonkey.  Among other things it said "It's sad to say, no one is doing that, so let's not do it either.  I think there's an opportunity here."


Then someone else replied, quoting what I said, and said it sounds like a good idea.  But it's put my name (jcolosi) next to a post that quoted my post.  And my post has disappeared.  I mean someone has quoted text that no longer appears in the thread.  It should look inconsistent.  It is.  I could delete this post, even though it's not mine.


I give up.

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