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(Archived) iPhone: trouble accessing Evernote w/ weak signal

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I normally am in an area with a fairly good signal and 3G, but the other day I was at the vet's where there's a very weak signal and only Edge, and Evernote would not come up at all. Just sat there with a blank screen and a spinning wheel.

I can understand not being able to sync in such a situation, but to not have access to any of my previously entered notes was frustrating as I'd jotted down some issues I wanted to discuss about my pet.

Is there any way to avoid this problem in the future?

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We're not doing anything that would prevent access with EDGE, or with a weak signal, and our data traffic volume isn't particularly high, but I've seen issues with AT&T bandwidth really hurting on EDGE since last summer's release of the 3G iPhone.

If you have notes that you need to access on your iPhone when you don't have a network, you can click on the "Favorite" star on the note, and then you'll always have a copy of it on your phone.

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Ah, good to know, thanks. :)

The problem I was having is that nothing was coming up - I had a completely blank screen. Just to clarify, you're saying that if I had previously marked a note as a favorite that it would have come up. That I got a blank screen because I hadn't marked any favorites. Am I correct in my understanding of what you said?

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If you clicked on Favorites, and you didn't have any Favorite notes, then this list will be empty.

The normal note list may not load if you're offline, but I think you should get some sort of message instead of an empty screen.

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