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(Archived) Offline Note Issue


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I love being able to store notes offline but I'm having a slight problem with how it is currently implemented in Android. When in a poor signal area or an area with poor data coverage (I won't mention any names, SPRINT!) it can take an inordinate amount of time to pull up a note that stored in an offline notebook; Even though the note is stored locally on the the phone.  Sometimes I can't retrieve it at all. This was even evident when the Evernote servers were offline for maintenance, resulting in the seemingly never ending spinning circle while trying to view a note.

The only way I can get around it is too physically turn off my data, which is a pain, especially when your in a hurry. Once the data connection is turned off, any offline notes load with no issue.

Does anyone else run into this issue?

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Yep, same here. I'm guessing that's working as intended, though. It's almost always going to be preferable to get the latest version from the Internet, rather than open a local one and risk it being out of sync.

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In most versions of Android it should be pretty easy to turn data off and on - mines a swipe and a tap.


Agreed - but this is a workaround. The better solution would be to have an option "prefer local copy"... much like browsers can do.  My typical use case where this is annoying is when traveling, I often have to look up the hotel details for the taxi driver, sometimes it take minutes for the darn thing to load. 


So to answer the OP, yeah, I have this issue as well.  Until now I wasn't aware that turning of the data would fix it.  Thanks for the tip :)

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