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(Archived) code NoteBook-but need unformatted-non-html text option

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Great product.

As a developer what I would find truly useful however would be to use Evernote to store code snippets.

Right now the formatting gets in the way. What I care about most when looking at code editors is the font choice (monospaced) and syntax highlighting.

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Thanks for the feedback. Text formatting, especially regarding the clipboard handling, is an issue we're looking at to improve. As a programmer, this is definitely high on my list, too.


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I do a LOT of mindmapping, and like to do quick-and-dirty exports to text using tab-delimited or spaces-delimited outline formatting.

When I paste into Evernote, or email to Evernote, all of my indents are removed. It doesn't matter whether they are tabs or spaces. This utterly destroys the rich information content of my text.

PLEASE start maintaining indent formatting! Note that I'm not talking about rich text, these are pure ASCII documents which should paste cleanly without modification into Evernote.


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