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(Archived) Copy existing notes in default "Notes" account/group for sync

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Ok, so I made the mistake of buying an xperia android (slow as hell with fail sony programming and it gets worse over time, with added touchscreen glitches). Now I want to reset the phone to factory settings, and maybe try a faster OS. Before that I need to back up my stuff, including the notes. So I have a number of options...


1. email them... lol!


2. sync to an evernote account...

   a. create account on the evernote site

   b. set up evernote on android to use account

   c. sync... wait what?? the sync button is greyed out...

   d. oh! up the top, I can change from "Notes" to "<my account>", which tells me the account for syncing is separate

   e.1. bugger!

   e.2. BUGGER!

   f. maybe I can copy the notes from the what-appears-to-be-default-null-account "Notes" to the actual syncing account :)

   g. no!

   h. bugger!


3. Find the notes in the filesystem and copy them manually

   a. I gather they're stores in "enml", some xml format I can happily open in a text editor

   b. Found /Android/data/com.sonyericsson.notes/files/ but there's nothing there

   c. Found /com.sonyericsson.notes/ but that's only got the files from the synced account, not the "Notes" dummy account

   d. I guess the default account is hidden, perhaps permanently until I root the phone

   e. bugger


4. Ask on the forums...


Please, can someone help me?


Thanks in advance

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Hi welcome to the forums. I gather this is a Sony special issue since on every other Evernote client your notes are synced back to Evernote's online servers as well as being stored on your local device.  Unless you purposely select for 'offline searching' most mobile devices will only store notes until they're synced with the server. Are you sure you don't have an account an Evernote.com with the same username/ password that already includes all your notes?

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I think the main issue here is I have a separate "Notes" section within the app where all the default notes go (this is the default "account" I was talking about, screenshot attached). When I got the phone I saw "Notes" as one of the apps - this turned out to be evernote. I have never created an evernote account until I wanted to sync/backup the notes, so I can only assume the notes would be stored locally. I assumed after I created an account I could sync existing notes, however the new account created a new section so I have lots of existing notes in the category "Notes" and don't see them in the category "<account name>". I simply want to back up my notes in the "Notes" section. Notes in "<account name>" sync correctly.




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I don't know enough about the phone to suggest where the file of notes lives and whether it's always an Evernote thing,  or it starts out as a native Sony app.  You could try raising a support ticket with both Sony and Evernote to ask how to back up your notes from the Sony Notes / Evernote apps - they may not even be the same thing.


You humphed at emailing the notes,  but in the absence of any other Sony owner comments,  and compared with the timescale of getting responses from support teams who can each say - "Oh that's not us.."  I would suggest you have a go - it might turn out to be the fastest fix...

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