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(Archived) Screen capture (build in) - no URL's - no "windows ctrl C clip"

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Hi, I love evernote and use it a lot, however for some use I still have to use MS onenote...

I don't use the "web clipper" very often, because it saves too much and often I only wants a specific portion of the webpage and for this purpose the build in "capture screen"/"clipping" is perfect.

however I do miss 2 things (which MS OneNote does):

1. capture the actual URL

2. save the print to Win 7's "clip memory" (=> can be inserted in word/mail by typing ctrl+V)


Its not an option to use the webclipper because I only want a very specifik portion of the page not the whole page or a minor portion of the page controled by the webclipper.


Is it possible to get these 2 features in evernote today ?

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Hi - welcome to the forums. Have you tried selecting an area of text/ pictures and then using clipper?  In the Firefox version you can clip selected text / images as well as the page...

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Will Evernote "clip" like Onenote someday?  By that I mean in Onenote you can just draw around something on my screen and it "clips" it.  I love Evernote but this if the MAJOR reason I still have to use Onenote at work.  Too often I need to clip something on my screen you just can't select.

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I have no idea how OneNote clips. Here's what's available in Evernote on Windows:

The web clipper will allow you to capture a screen shot of the current active browser page. You can crop it right in the web clipper. When you save the screen cap to Evernote, the URL will be saved along with it in the new note. The Windows clipboard is not affected.

If you want to be able to clip any arbitrary area of your Windows screen, you can use the Evernote clipper that comes along with the Evernote Windows desktop client. You can clip any portion of your Windows screen. You can clip to a note, or to the clipboard, or to a file on your desktop. No URLs are captured, as you may be clipping content other than a web page.

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Well I don't know which Windows Desktop Client you use but I've been searching mine the last 30 minutes and can't find one in it.


A link to how to use/do the Evernote Windows Desktop Client Clipper please?

Use the Win+PrtScr shortcut key to activate the Windows screen clipper. See the Knowledge Base article here: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23172031

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