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(Archived) Can I consolidate multiple journal notes automatically?

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Hello! I have started using Evernote to capture daily journal entries in daily notes. Obviously, after some time goes by, i will have many separate notes. I would like to be able to roll up the notes, so that here in mid-June, I would have a single, consolidated note for May, one for April, etc. As each monthly consolidated note is created, the individual daily notes should also be deleted.


Can one of you wizards tell me how I might be able to do this? Is there any built-in process, or some AHK script I might be able to use?


I create each daily file from a .bat file, where I capture other information automatically. This creates a .txt file in my folder that is tracked by Evernote, and imported directly to the daily note.


Thanks for your suggestions!


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Hi Don and welcome to the forum,


Very simple solution.


Select the Notes in the order you want them to appear (first one at the top) then select 'Merge'


Give it a go with a couple of specially created Notes first so you can see how it works.


Best regards



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Chris, thanks for your welcome - I hope I continue to be welcome here!


Your suggestion was far too easy...I thought I had scoured all the various menus, and overlooked that. 


Are you sure there is no special script I can run and constantly edit, that would be far more tedious and painful?  :P


Thanks once again for your tip - I am still trying to get my hands and head around this great tool!


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Hi Don,


You are most welcome.


Check out the forum for some great information.


If you feel like a read then check out Brett Kelly's Evernote Essentials. Very basic but some useful tips for beginners.


Best regards



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Evernote is more powerful when used on groups of individual notes, rather than one big monster merged note.


Personally, I would not bother merging all the notes together. Too much work.


To avoid the extra noise from a lot of daily notes, I'd set it up initially so the daily journals go into a single notebook dedicated only for journal entries. That way, they are out of sight until you need them but easily available with Evernote's search.

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I wish that Day One synced automatically with Evernote. I would swear that at one time it did but then no longer did. But I cannot prove that.

I have used Wonderful Days but it is ugly looking on the iPad, really an iPhone only app. Short sighted of them I think.

I want everything in Evernote too.

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